MASTERING (per song)

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When you are already satisfied with your song's final mix but need a fresh pair of ears and expertise to give your song the final enhancement. How do we do it? We will recapture your final mix through our analog gear to obtain that "elusive" sound heard on major recordings. Typically, we focus on:

Analog Compression -> Analog Equalization -> Soft Clipping (digital) -> Correct Peak & RMS Levels (LUFS value).


Delivery (what you receive):

+ High-resolution stereo .Wav file @ 44.1k/16-bit

48-hour guaranteed turnaround


How to send your mix:

1) Please export your final mix (WAV file) without any compression, EQ or limiting on the master fader. Please make sure you allow -6db to -10db of headroom as well. 

2) Upload your song to us: team@mixkid.com