MIXING (Per Song)

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If you have ever wanted a professional sound from the best analog gear in the industry, look no further. We will mix your song using mostly analog gear which we believe provides the best sonic enhancement for your music. Our philosophy on mixing is implemented using a complex routing (bussing) method to create sub-groups with all of your tracks to achieve the sound of your favorite recording console.

Delivery (what you receive):

+ High-resolution stereo .wav file 44.1k/16-bits.

+ Instrumental version (if song has vocals).

+ Performance Version

+ Two Revisions


1) Please export all of your audio files from your DAW (pro tools, ableton, cubase, logic, etc.) as .wav or .aif files and place them into a single folder.

2) Be sure that you have disabled any EQ, compression or limiting plugins when exporting your files. This gives us the most flexibility to properly gain-stage and adjust each audio file independently.

3) Compress (.zip or archive) the folder and upload to the link we send you upon cart checkout.