Top 10 Reasons Why Your Music Sounds Mediocre


  1. Knowing enough to make "decent recordings", but not knowing enough to realize you need help.
  2. You are using the same samples every song that everybody else is using. 
  3. Listening to your friend's praise on your recordings, instead of a stranger.
  4. On YouTube too often. Ever wonder why people with no real credentials are offering "pro" advice? 
  5. Overusing plug-ins and assuming one-size-fits-all with presets.
  6. Never learning about parallel techniques: EQ, Distortion or Compression.
  7. Accepting a hyper-culture of "get your music out as fast as possible", without taking quality into consideration. (Something every label and Editor takes seriously). 
  8. Setting up your monitors incorrectly in your room.
  9. Mixing while intoxicated.
  10. Most importantly, not having any passion to LEARN proper recording and mixing techniques.