Top 10 Reasons Why Your Music Sounds Mediocre

Here are the top 10 reasons your music sounds like a rough demo and could benefit from hiring a professional mix engineer. You may find yourself:

  • Knowing enough to make "decent recordings", but not knowing enough to realize you need help.
  • You are using the same Kick + Snare + 808 for every song that everybody else is using. 
  • Listening to your friend's feedback on your recordings, instead of pretending your audience is listening for the first time.
  • On YouTube too often. Ever wonder why people with no real credentials are offering "pro" advice, everywhere? 
  • Using too many plug-ins and assuming one-size-fits-all with presets.
  • Never learning about parallel techniques: EQ, Distortion or Compression.
  • Accepting a hyper-culture of "get your music out as fast as possible", without taking quality into consideration.
  • Setting up your monitors incorrectly in your room.
  • Mixing while intoxicated :)
  • Most importantly, not having any passion to LEARN proper recording and mixing techniques.